Annual Conference of the New England History Teachers Association

March 18, 2016 / Providence, Rhode Island

About the Conference

This year's theme, "The Future of Exploring the Past," taps into an important vein of innovation in historical scholarship and teaching. Here are some of the questions we will address over the course of the day:

  • How are Big Data, the Cloud, and Google Earth changing the way we interpret the past?
  • Is the “digital turn” producing a more vibrant, more accessible form of history?
  • Does it allow us – and our students – to ask new questions? To work in new ways?
  • What does it take to integrate digital methods and tools into the history classroom?

Along the way we will hear from an array of historians and librarians who practice, teach, and support digital history. We will explore and discuss many of the scholarly and pedagogical aspects of data visualization, mapping, cloud-based collaboration, social media, and digitization. 

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About the New England History Teachers Association

Founded in 1897, the New England History Teachers Association (NEHTA) is the nation’s oldest association of teachers of history and social studies in the United States. Through our conferences, publications, and awards, the NEHTA provides teachers, students and academics opportunities to engage in meaningful conversations about the teaching and learning of history and its related disciplines.

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